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Roof Damage 

In the state of Florida, roofs are one of the most important parts of a home. They are the one thing that protects your home and family from the elements. Therefore, if your roof is damaged, that protection is compromised and leads to bigger issues. Because of this, many insurers are becoming more restrictive with roof coverage, and some won’t even cover your home if it has an older roof. These tighter restrictions can lead to coverage gaps and claim denials.

Roof damage can happen. One of the most common ways for this to occur in Florida is when hurricane winds lift and sometimes even remove a full shingle from your roof. This then allows rain to enter through and cause leaking within. While most losses are typically covered under a Florida homeowners’ policy, sometimes the insurance carrier may deny the claim. When this happens, it leaves Florida homeowners in a dire and dangerous situation.

Why You Need An Insurance Lawyer

Insurance policies can be complicated as to exactly what each contract entails, which is why having an advocate who can interpret the policy language is imperative. With the help of a property damage attorney, the entire claim process can move faster. Our team will thoroughly assess your claim and advise you of the best way to handle it.

Contact A Property Damage Attorney 

If you are struggling with your roof claim resolution or feel they have wrongfully denied your claim, call our team of property damage attorneys. Our team of experts will help you with your claim and explain to you what the next steps in that process would be.  Here are some commonly asked questions related to roofing damage.  

How do I know my roof was damaged by hail?

If there is a hailstorm, there is definitely a high chance that it will hit your roof and cause damages. Hail comes in different shapes and sizes, therefore the kind of damages it can cause is different and may not be readily apparent. It is always a good idea to get your roof inspected even if you feel that you do need to file a claim. An adjuster will be able to fully asses the roof and let you know if their is damages as to which you can file a claim about. 

Why was my roofing damage claim denied?

Roof damages are expensive and insurance companies are always going to look for a way in which they can deny the claim. That is why it is imperative that you understand your homeowner's insurance policy. There are many reasons your claim could get denied, including:

  • The age of your roof. Liability is reduced based on the roofs age. Your roof is extremely old. Companies reduce liability based on the roof’s age.

  • If your roof already needed repairs. 

  • The materials your roof needs are not covered

  • Cosmetic fixes vs Structural

In order to know how a claim will be processed, it is extremely important to understand what your policy covers. We understand how difficult some of that jargon can be to read, therefore one of our attorneys will help to see exactly what your policy entails coverage wise. Call today for your free roof damage claim consultation. 


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