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Sinkhole Damage 

Sinkholes are a natural occurrence in Florida due to the way it is geologically constructed. A lot of Floridians have experienced them  directly and indirectly over time. They cause damage to roads, structures, walkways, and even property. Sinkholes specifically require a special type of coverage and evidence of the occurrence in order to be covered. It is not always easy to get the compensation you deserve when your home, business, or other property has been damaged. Our property damage attorneys can help you pursue the compensation deserved from your insurance company, even if they have already denied your claim.

Why Do Sinkholes Occur So Frequently In Florida?

Well part of the reason sinkholes are a common occurrence is the way it is built. Florida as a state is built on and extensive amount of limestone bedrock which is one of the most susceptible surfaces to erosion. Sediment or limestone is under your home, car, business, and property which gradually gets washed away and the pockets of voids allow the land to collapse. This causes extensive damage to anything above or around it.

When your property is damaged from a sinkhole, the insurance companies will try to challenge your claim. That is where a sinkhole damage claim lawyer comes in and is able to help you file a claim that reflects the coverage outlined in your policy. With their given knowledge they file a claim which gives the insurance companies very little room to try to deny the claim. Also as the claim proceeds, your attorney will be able to negotiate the best financial outcome for your specific situation.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Sinkholes Occurring?

Well, sinkholes actually begin below the earth’s surface. Therefore common signs of their damage typically begins with structural damage that them loosen up the surface and results in a collapse.

The location, size, and relevance of the structures nearby all determine what types of signs you see:

  • Cracks in interior or exterior walls

  • Cracks in driveways or pool decks

  • Cracks or depressions in the ground 

  • Doors or windows that are difficult to open or close

  • Cracks in foundations of structures 

  • Pooling of water

  • The slanting or sinking of a property

Sinkholes leave homeowners in a difficult position of recovery. It is not always possible but when it is, property owners should act as soon as they become aware of potential sinkhole activity. In order to protect your property and possessions act quickly and effectively with the benefits outlined in their insurance policies. 

Is Sinkhole Damage Covered In My Insurance Policy?

New laws governing insurance coverage may not include sinkhole insurance although, like most insurances, there is always the option to add it at an additional cost. However, insurance policies must contain coverage for catastrophic ground cover collapse, but not necessarily damage from a sinkhole.

The catastrophic ground cover collapse part of the policy kicks in if the following is true:

  • The sinking occurred abruptly

  • The depression in the ground must be visible without instrument usage

  • The home suffered structural damages, including damage to the foundation

  • A government agency condemned the structure and forced an evacuation

If your insurance policy contains sinkhole coverage, you may be protected from structure cracks and other damages that are not including in the catastrophic collapse. Insurance companies respond better to clients who have experienced claims attorney by their side while filing a claim. Our sinkhole insurance claims attorney, Dahlene Miller will work tirelessly with you to hold insurance companies responsible for the policies they wrote.  

Is There A Deadline For Filing A Sinkhole Damage Claim?

In the States of Florida, sinkhole damage claims must be filed within a two-year period after they occur. Although as most people know insurance companies are notorious for rejecting claims. They sometimes will even wait till deadlines to give you your answer as to whether it is approved or denied. Due to the ways these cases are handled it gives individuals a very small window for these cases to be handled. 

If not handled within the right time frame it leaves you, your home, and your property in a compromised position. That is not the way you deserve to be taken care of after such a difficult occurrence. That is why It is sometimes better to get the legal help you need to provide the necessary legal pressure on the insurance companies to uphold their end of the agreement.


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