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Water Damage

Water, one of the most destructive forces on earth, has the ability to destroy a property. It can erode land, weaken foundations, and inundate roads, and cars. It also can cause issues such as mold, mildew, destroying drywall, flooring, and sometimes can require serious remediation.

If a home has damages due to water, seeking compensation through your homeowner’s insurance policy is usually the best way to make the needed repairs. Insurance claims related to water damage are very common, especially in the state of Florida. We have so many storms and hurricanes that insurance claims have cost the industry over $13 billion dollars. Not to mention the average claims cost more than $10,000.

If your home was harmed due to water from a storm, a property damage lawyer can help. With years of experience helping Floridians deal with the destruction left behind after serious storms, the lawyers at Property Lawyers PLLC help negotiate with insurance companies and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Water Damage​

  • Storms and heavy rain

  • Storm surges

  • Leaking appliances

  • Leaking pipes

  • Sump pump failures

  • Failing gutters

  • Leaking roof

  • Clogged sewer drains

  • Damp conditions

Florida, with its numerous tropical storms and hurricanes, storm surges can often overwhelm protective barriers and destroy entire neighborhoods. When seawater floods a property the high concentration of salt can destroy wood, drywall, and even metal pipes. The water can destroy a property's integral foundation.

Heavy rains also lead to destruction as well. The gutters can become unable to keep up with the rain and then overflow or clog. Although it may just seem like rain is an issue, believe it or not so is the sun. Roofs tend to deteriorate quicker in the Florida sunshine and thus allow storms and heavy rain to seep into a home, causing damage to attics, ceilings, and walls.

The hardest and possibly most sneaky type of damage is from leaking pipes which is also probably the most destructive of the bunch. A small leak can discharge gallons of water that has nowhere to go but inside insulation, drywall, and basements. These types of issues can take years to uncover, which may lead to other issues such as mold, mildew, and destruction


There are so many things that lead to water damage, especially with Florida's weather conditions and climate. Therefore its not hard to see why water damage is a leading cause of property claims.  We understand how important your home is, and will work hard to make sure you get the compensation you need to remove any damage and make your house a home again.

Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claims

With repair costs on the rise, it’s no wonder homeowners are finding it harder and harder to make repairs. Lack of maintenance is a leading cause of harm to a home, and with rising costs, it’s become more difficult for homeowners to take precautionary measures before water does its damage.

After contacting the insurance company, an adjuster will come out to evaluate the harm and provide an estimate for the costs associated with a repair. These estimates are not always accurate and reflect the insurance company’s best interests. This is where a Fort Lauderdale water damage lawyer can help. It is always recommended to get a separate estimate from a local contractor to ensure that the insurance company estimate is accurate. 

Additionally, a Fort Lauderdale water damage attorney has experience negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of homeowners. A water damage lawyer understands the hidden costs associated with the damage and will make sure that these issues are presented to the insurance company before they make a settlement. If your property was damaged by water, call a water damage lawyer today for a consultation.


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